moments of grace

my moments of grace in the past week and a half
have been delivered through the voices, words, tears, and hugs
of many wonderful, thoughtful, kind  people...

Your prayers and thoughts for peace have made a big difference. 
I can't expound on that, but trust me, it's HUGE.

to each and every one of you, I offer my most heartfelt gratitude.

i do not have words to describe anything that has happened,
or the emotions churning and crashing like waves
(and i don't expect to for awhile)
but a dark time is filled with love and light because of all of you.

the way forward is love. 
regardless of what came before, love is the way THROUGH the pain
and it delivers us to healing.

i am so very grateful for the love i have experienced in my life.
i am thankful for everyone who has been the epitome of 'grace' in my life,
and in the lives of our adult children during this difficult time.


Dona said...

He was such a gentle giant. Which makes the void he left I'm sure that much larger. With a smile that could light up a room! I hope the memories and the love that you and your children shared/share with this man, melt your hurting hearts. Just continued prayers for peace and the strength to wake up each day and do it all again.


Kim said...

Through many dangers, toils and snares...
we have already come.
T'was Grace that brought us safe thus far...
and Grace will lead us home.

I love you friend.

Meghan Grace said...

Continued thoughts and prayers, Deb. Hugs, Meghan