my word for 2013

as a writer, i really have a love for words. 
they can begin the creative process - or stop it right in its tracks.
same is true for love, and success, and other important undertakings.
words have power. the use of them must be carefully considered.
and that most definitely includes the words we say to OURSELVES
and the story of our own lives that we live and experience and share

a few years back, i wrote a blog post titled 'who ARE you?'
today i just happened to remember the words in a particular sentence that was included:
She lives her life in exclamation points and ellipses,  
filled with enthusiasm and wonderment 
at discovering the world around her

i am working on discovering my 'Word' for the coming year.
rather than making resolutions, i prefer to find a word that will serve as a talisman, an intention,
and a centering concept for the next 12 months.

given that my word for 2012 was 'Remarkable', and my year certainly could fall into that category
[although in a much more negative way than i could have ever foreseen]
i want the word i choose for 2013 to be very carefully considered and chosen.

i want it to define who i am now 
and still leave room for all the possibilities of who i will be as the year unfolds.
i want it to express my hope and faith that life can, and will, get better.
[and yes, i realize that it can also get worse. learned that lesson for sure]
i want this word to lift my spirit and ambitions.
i want it to speak to me as well as to anyone who reads it.

not asking much, am i?

when i read the sentence up above, from that past blog post,
i look at all of those words and find them positive and uplifting and encouraging 
and very much about the 'possibilitarianism' that i have seen and learned
through the words and lives and journeys and stories of so many other women

women who have been brave enough to speak, to write, to share
their paths, their journeys, their struggles and challenges
and their courage and strength and faith and successes
through books and blogs and magazines and radio and songs

and that's why i write... 
to hopefully touch the minds and hearts of others.

when i write, i use a LOT of exclamation points !!!!  and ellipses .....
they just tend to be the ways i express emotion in the midst of written words.

an exclamation point can reveal happy, surprised, excited, or angry, frustrated, and stymied emotions.
an ellipse signifies a pause... a split second or moment when silence is needed 
and words just won't come.

my friend Randy commented on my past post and said
' I like the ellipses. They signify more to come'

AMEN, my friend...
there IS more to come in my story.

i'd like to be more enthusiastic about my life, about my craft, my art,
as well as enjoy the wonderment of the people who join me along the journey
old friends and new, family, and soulful angels
and discovering new parts of me as i walk this road alone -
  more facets of my faith, my love, my skills.

i think enthusiasm may just be my word...


noun \in-ˈthü-zē-ˌa-zəm, en-, also -ˈthyü-\

Definition of ENTHUSIASM

a : belief in special revelations of the Holy Spirit
b : religious fanaticism
a : strong excitement of feeling : ardor enthusiasm
b : something inspiring zeal or fervor enthusiasms include sailing and fishing>


Greek enthousiasmos, from enthousiazein 
to be inspired, irregular from entheos inspired, 
from en- + theos god
First Known Use: 1603
uh huh. now you see why it's lookin' pretty good!
 it also seems very sparkly and glittery and happy and uplifting
and i really LIKE that

have you chosen a word for 2013? 
i invite you to share your word, and why it resonates with you... 


Alice said...

Deb, I love the photos in your blog header--so lovely!!!

Thanks for posting the beautiful quote, it's one of my favorites.

I'm looking forward to seeing where 2013 takes us all. Wishing you a year full of peace, love, strength, and enthusiasm.

Art and Sand said...

I randomly came across your blog today and just love your writing style. I like your sentence "she lives her life in exclamation points..."

My word is change, but I can't write about in on my blog. I will be retiring in June, but I don't want the word out to everyone yet.

I am your newest follower and will be back to read more.

Carrie @ Cosy Carolina Interiors said...

I love the image you used, and the quote. My word for the year is "run", which is simply because I want to start running this year, but I'm sure there are metaphorical implications, too. :) Happy New Year!