my own personal valentine

the message pasted below arrived in my email inbox.
i read it, and ended up crying big ugly snotty tears that messed up my laptop's mousepad.

messages like this come to me every day from Melody and Kathy, at the Brave Girls Club. they also post them on their facebook page and website. and the words are powerful there, too...

but when something comes to you in your email inbox, and the words grab you by the forearms and hold you still while the heart and soul behind those words looks you straight in the eye and says things that your head and heart and soul SORELY need to hear from SOMEONE, well, it seems like those words were put into print just for YOU. it breaks you all over again. it makes you gasp and sob and cry ugly and accept that it might hurt to see yourself as you really are deep down inside, to face what it is you truly believe about yourself, and to find that it ain't very pretty.... but it's the truth. and when a friend speaks the truth to you and you hear it, it can heal you.

this? this is healing.
and the fact that it arrived the day before Valentine's Day, well..... let's just say that this is a moment of grace that i won't soon forget.

i know that there are so many of you out there that need to hear this, too. you need to know that you aren't meant to stay stuck and hurting and suffering and in pain for the rest of your life after whatever it was that happened to you happened. no, you are meant to heal and learn and live and love again. you are meant to reach your potential, and to reach out and help others heal, too. there are a dozen people whom i personally know need to read that message right now - J and B and J and B, D, M, C, D, N, K, L, and L - people i love dearly and care about, people whom i do not want to see suffer any more. i hope those words speak to them as much as they spoke to me.

i highly recommend that you go to the Brave Girls Club website www.bravegirlsclub.com and read more of their encouraging, uplifting, healing words.[and i hope Melody and Kathy don't mind that i copied and shared this here... i can't paraphrase it or explain it using other words. i have to use theirs.]

happy valentine's day. as Kathy and Melody always say, you are so loved

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Unknown said...

Their words have touched my soul so many times. From one Brave Girl to another, I will continue to read what you write and have hope for you ---and in you. We will fly soon.