rain of mercy

last night, i opened the window, crawled into bed,
and laid there in the dark listening to the rain for an hour.

as i was doing that, 
i realized that i was completely relaxed. quiet. calm.

i was effortlessly drifting off to sleep 
with peace in my mind and gratitude in my heart.

with no more fears, no more worries, 
no more regrets, no more burdens, no more pain,
no more horrible memories.

the sound of the rain was soft and comforting and calming,
like a lullaby.

i am so amazed at the grace God has blessed me with
the healing He has brought to my heart and soul and mind and body
over the past year.

i never thought i would feel peace again...
but i do!

thank you Lord
for moments of grace that fill my being 
with YOU.

1 comment:

Kim said...

What a blessing God's sweet mercy is! His mercies are new every morning, Great is His faithfulness!