a little bird told me...

today, i woke to the sounds of a dove cooing.
then a songbird began to fill the morning air with her song, light and sweet and soft.
the sun shone in a perfect blue sky.

i worked on some client projects.
i had lunch out on the patio with my mom, and a hummingbird fluttered nearby the whole time.
then we went to the nearby farm stand and bought some fresh veggies and just-ripened strawberries.
the sun wrapped me in its warm embrace.

as i was once again working on client projects at the end of the day,
another songbird perched in the tree outside and began trilling his delight at the sunset.
he went on for over half an hour, singing his praise and joy in perfect melodic rhythm.
the sun set with a ripe orange glow into the sea.

my parents and i enjoyed a relaxing dinner
of salmon and fresh vegetables and a lovely white wine
then a dessert of fresh ripe strawberries and whipped cream.
we shared our day, our thoughts, our faith, our love.

a day filled with moments of grace so small,
that all add up to something so huge...

today is March first.
one year ago today, i was not listening to birds. i was not thinking about the sun.
i was caught up in a storm that i thought might never end.
one year ago today, somehow i found the courage 
to end the pain of the life i was in
and begin again. on my own.

one year. it seems so impossible that i did it.
it seems so improbable that i could come this far.
it seems so incredible in the aftermath of losing it all
that i could ever hear birds sing or feel the warm sun again.

i completely lost myself on September 1, 2011... 
and i took the first step to finding myself again on March 1, 2012.
now, i have found myself... because God reminded me who i AM.

and i am so grateful.

 tonight, as i checked my email, this message was waiting for me...
from the Brave Girls Club:

yes, this little bird is finding herself after all...
perched on the rim of the bubbling fountain of life,
ready to be un-stuck, ready to see
that happy, fun, adventurous ME that i know is 'in there'.
 ready to sing my song at sunrise and sunset every day.

it's NOT too late
this one-year mark is exactly the right time
and i am diving in!

[image with quote is from Melody Ross at the Brave Girls Club]

1 comment:

Alice said...

Look how far you've come my friend! You should be proud of yourself.

I'm envious of the fresh strawberries. By the time fruit arrives at our little grocery they are already close to being over ripe. The sun is shining here but the snow is so deep the meter readers can't get their job done. The snow really is beautiful, and we haven't had a snow like this in a few years.

Take care and cherish every blessing that comes your way, no matter how small.