The Path of Pain

My friend Tara has just learned that she needs major back surgery.
That's quite a lot to handle, especially for a strong, independent woman
who runs her own business and is also a high-powered lawyer.

Actually it's quite a lot to handle for ANY woman.

Miss Tara wrote a very honest blog post,
owning up to her fears and terror over the upcoming surgery,
the long recuperation period after it,
and the limitations she'll have to face in life for a while.
 She's willingly going through it all to relieve the pain she's been in,
looking forward to the time AFTER the healing
when she'll be relatively pain-free and able to enjoy her life.
You'll be as moved as I was by her transparency, I'm sure.
I'd like to ask you, my dear readers, to please pray for Tara.
I know that God will carry her through this ordeal - I know that without a doubt.

I know that because I've seen Him carry others through ordeals.
I've experienced Him carrying ME through the past 20 months.
When the darkness comes, we can always be sure that the sunrise will follow...
it's the cycle He set in motion, and it never fails.
Here's the thing about what sweet Tara is going through:
she's willing to endure MORE pain and suffering and stress and limitation
for a time
to relieve the enduring, limiting, debilitating pain that she's been living with.

...and oh how familiar that sounds to me.

It's a different KIND of pain.
But the biggest difference is that it's pain brought on by actions taken
to change the situation and remedy it. to address it head-on, 
not hiding, not hoping and wishing and hanging on by a thread
waiting for things to change and improve.
That never works.
Decisions must be made. Action must be taken. A change in habit must be enacted.
Passivity does not cause change. It causes apathy and degeneration and loss.
Courage is what's needed.
Courage to face the problem, to admit the reality of the situation,
to see it for what it is, what it has been, and what it will be if no change is made.
Courage is needed to stand, to speak, to CHOOSE to act.
Courage is needed to take that first step, second step.... 
and to keep walking even when your courage is being misunderstood and attacked and threatened.

Courage is needed to withstand the NEW pain that is experienced
as habits are addressed, others are affected, and the situation is changed.

When we act,
we experience fear and terror, limitations and losses,
a shift from independence to dependency for awhile,
a revision of our self-image and understanding,
and a time of great upheaval, pain, recuperation and healing.

We have to face all that before we ever get to the 'happily ever after' part.

And sometimes, the pain during the period of change
is worse than the pain we had before we did anything.
It can threaten to undo us completely.
It can take literally EVERYTHING from us.
Yet we must live in that place of limitation and dependency for awhile...
letting God bring to us everything we need. Letting HIM be our strength.
We do that knowing that we will be whole and healed and strong again soon.
And that in every step of this journey,
and that His strength is enough for us in our weakness.
He can use our weakness to bring glory to Himself,
and set us on a path that we never saw coming.
He will be with us to minister with moments of grace for our souls...

Please join me as I pray for Tara and her surgery & recovery,
and for the women who are making the hard choices in life
to make a change and end their pain.

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