Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

it's been a while since I've posted here...

I've been working on some projects, and taking care of final details that have allowed me
to finally put the past behind me and move forward.

but before I get into THAT story, I just have to share an extra-special blessing that came my way -
thanks to God and to my sweet lifelong friend Kim.

sweet Kim gave me a day pass to Disneyland, 
and I went to the park before leaving on a trip up to Seattle to close out an old storage unit.

the day I spent in 'the Happiest Place on Earth' certainly was a balm to my soul...
and it was most definitely a collection of moments of grace.

I felt, as I usually do, like an eight year old little girl once I walked through the entrance tunnel.
 taking in the Dixieland music on Main Street, 
the theme songs of Small World and Tiki Room and Pirates,
the smell of vanilla and the sight of happy balloons with ears
on a perfect sunny Southern California day.

I remembered all of the times that I have been at Disneyland in my life...
from the first trip I remember, when I was four years old and holding my grandpa's hand as he told me how he had built the 'Small World' attraction FOR ME 
[he was one of the head electricians when the attraction was installed at Disneyland],

to the many times I went with my family as a child -
including when my uncle sat with me and told me all the secrets 
of the Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean attractions
[on which HE had been an electrician during the building process].

I remembered marching in parades with my high school colorguard & marching band, 
and taking my own little family as a mom, 
telling them the stories of how their great-grandpa and uncle had built parts of Disneyland for them.
telling them that Pixie Dust runs in our bloodline because of that history.

the last time I had been inside the park was in july, 2010, on a happy day with my husband.
before the implosion. before the destruction. before the tragedy. 
I am so very grateful for all of those memories.

throughout the day, I found myself smiling at my memories
and having the ability to harbor hope for more to come.
I hope for precious days spent there in the company of people I love very much.
given the circumstances, I can't make that happen. But God can.
so I'm just going to let Him handle the details...

and in the meantime, 
I'm going to hang on to my faith, work on being able to trust,
and acknowledge that little bit of Pixie Dust that runs through my blood...
that connection to my grandpa, my uncle, and Walt
that is all about how people with a dream are what make magic REAL. 

I was at Disneyland from 'rope drop' on Main Street at 9 AM to closing at 1 AM.
by the time I left, I had some definite answers to questions I have been asking God.
I had a lightness in my spirit that I have been missing.
I had a smile on my face, and a song in my heart.
[and yes, it IS the theme to 'It's a Small World'!]

thank you, Kimmy, for reminding me that
a dream IS a wish your heart makes. sometimes, all your life long.
[and I think I love your 'shawshank' idea, btw!]

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Kim said...

Just saw this post! So happy to bless you with a much needed day of recollection and dreaming. Thank you for sharing the story. I for one loved it and am praying that your Disney dream will come to fruition soon. Little did I know how much that ticket would mean. I love you lots!

*Shawshank all the way!