Waves of Gratitude

I took myself on an Artist's Date again today
where I spent a few hours at my favorite local beach
walking, sitting in the sand, snapping sunlit photos of the translucent crashing waves.

Sitting there in the soft sand, with the hot sun baking into me
(80 degrees at the BEACH on a November day.... strange)
and hearing the rhythmic sounds of the waves restores my soul.

The beach is my sanctuary.

It is where I feel the presence of God within me, around me.
His power and creativity are made visible there...
There's a line in a song that says "I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean".
Although I LOVE that song (reminds me of someone special)
I do not agree with that line. 
To me, it should say 'I hope you still feel STRONG when you stand beside the ocean".

 When I feel the reverberation of the crashing waves beneath my feet,
when I watch the water swell and roll and crest and curl and break and crash, 
when droplets of the primordial sea that He formed 
turn to mist and dance across my skin and the sand and the air,
I am one with His work of art. I am part of it. I am one piece of His puzzle. 
and that does not make me feel small at ALL. 
It makes me feel His strength, and that makes me strong. 

I sat on that beach today, in roughly the same spot I sat one warm October day in 2000.
My life was in turmoil then
(my life has been in turmoil for a long time)
Today I remembered the conversation I had with myself back then,
the things I admitted to myself and the things I said I would do.
It was the very first time I had EVER sat on a beach alone.
I left there - and forgot a lot of truths that were revealed to me back then.
I have realized them now, and have moved forward.

I sat today and expressed my gratitude to God
for bringing me down this path from there to here,
from then to now,
from the stormy seas of turmoil to the gentle tidal surge of peace.

I thought about the poem 'Footsteps'
and am once again thankful for a God who loves me enough
to carry me when I can go no further.
His footsteps are the ones I see, 
the evidence of how far I have come on this journey.
I have not done this.
I have only been willing to endure whatever it takes for each step to matter.

Storms will come again, of that I am sure.
But now I know that no tide, no wave, no surge, no storm
can pull me from the arms of my Savior.
No darkness can suck me under and destroy me.

I may have foolishly wanted a surfer boy the first time around, 
but NOW... well, I've got a lifeguard. :0)
and I will never face those waves alone again...

edited to add:

on November 22, 2012

'my surfer boy' suddenly left this life
and rode the big wave to Heaven...

i said goodbye to his spirit at Huntington Beach, California,
where we met and our story began...

and i swear i could hear his laughter in the crashing waves

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Kim said...

well, I've got a lifeguard.

Best line of the whole post! So needed for each and every one of us, whether we can see it or not. I love the photo as well. Your photo's are even artistic....jeesh ;)